A wedding out in the countryside leaves long lasting memories of beauty and serenity, even if the planning and buzz are hectic and stressful. Choosing a country house wedding venue for your special day is a wise choice, for many reasons, if you desire an outdoor or countryside wedding.

Many country house venues allow you to perform both religious and civil marriage ceremonies on their grounds. Not only that, but some even have someone on hand who can perform the ceremony for you, meaning that if you’re trying to organize a last minute wedding, you don’t have to stress over finding someone legal to oversee your “I do”s.

Speaking of last minute weddings, country houses are smaller venues, and so they are often available for last minute bookings. There are many of these venues all across the U.S. and Europe, so it’s unlikely that all of them will be booked through every possible date you’ve planned.

Photo by Jody McNary Photography.

Out in the country, you can hold the wedding of your dreams. Your wedding photos will be stunning with the natural backdrops, and afterwards, instead of just traditional activities at your reception, you can start up games of croquet, horseshoes, or badminton out in the grass. Additionally, it will be easier for all of your guests to find parking — or, if the wedding is overseas, to find accommodation.

Country house wedding venues may not have size to their advantage, but that means they do have price on their side. You can slash venue costs dramatically by choosing somewhere smaller to hold the ceremony. And in the beautiful countryside, where the things that don’t matter seem to fade away, do you really need 300 people you never speak to? Chop down your guest list so that you’re only inviting your most beloved family and friends to share the joy with you.

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