Marquee weddings are part of a long and illustrious tradition that hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. The large tent-like structures can shelter your wedding party from any number of extreme weather conditions, and as such are a great way to protect yourself from running into bad weather at an outdoor wedding.

However, wedding marquees can be quite large, and as such it is hard to set it up just anywhere. If you’re looking for a unique venue to put up your marquee and hold your wedding ceremony, here are a few suggestions.

Local parks are often available to rent for a few hours, and are very rarely too expensive. You can hire a wedding marquee and have the company pitch it right on the park property. Additionally, if you’re afraid that the weather may take a turn for the worse, or if you’re already planning the wedding during a cold, rainy, or windy time of year, make sure you speak with the company about providing whatever comforts will be necessary (a heater, a fan, etc.).

Small beaches are a perfect environment for a marquee, because the soft sand will allow the tent to stay secure but will not require a lot of work to hammer the marquee’s posts into the ground. Beaches are also often free to the public — though you’ll still want to contact whoever is in charge of taking care of the beach to let them know ahead of time that you’ll be taking up the space.

Open fields make great marquee wedding venues as well. If you have your wedding during a dry time of year, the field can make great free and easy parking for all your guests, and afterwards, you can have a picnic-style reception out in the grass and over fire pits.

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Considerations for Marquee Weddings

During the decision process of choosing a venue for your wedding, you will need to consider whether the individual location is specifically appropriate for marquee weddings. There are several things that need to be taken into account to ensure that you find the correct venue.

Size of marquee – After thinking about the size that the marquee will need to be in order to accommodate your guests and all the equipment necessary, you must ensure that the venue is large enough for a marquee to fit within it. You are likely to find that there are many locations that are large enough to fit a marquee, but some may not be willing to do so. Determine whether specific permission will be required to allow you to erect a marquee.

Marquee style & color – Consider the style and color of the marquee to ensure that it fits in with the theme and look of your wedding. In the event that you want an unusual look to your wedding, you can achieve this with the style of the marquee.

Marquee position – Whatever venue you choose for your wedding, you must determine the best location within the grounds for the marquee to be placed. Take into account weather patterns and the movement of the sun to enable you to predict the heating and cooling that will be necessary. The distance of utilities from the marquee will also need to be considered from a convenience point of view.

Finally to ensure your marquee wedding goes smoothly, make yourself aware of how long the marquee will take to erect and how many people are necessary to do the work. And do not forget all the sundry costs that will come with hiring a marquee, such as insurance.

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