Las Vegas is a city bustling with lights, magnificent shows, food, money, people who have big hopes of hitting it big, people hoping to catch a glimpse of Elvis, and couples who want a memorable wedding.

Las Vegas wedding venues have the reputation of being flashy, tacky, impersonal, and a haven for those who need a quickie wedding. So does that mean the 100,000+ people a year that choose to say ‘I do’ in Vegas are flashy, tacky, and in a hurry? No; at least not everyone, anyway. But we’ll talk about that later.

Whether it’s an elegant affair at Caesar’s Palace or something more out of the ordinary, Vegas’ 360+ wedding venues have something to fit everyone’s taste and budget.

If you’re a traditionalist, you probably wonder what kind of people would do that. Couples who select Vegas for their wedding destination are couples who are:

  • Saying ‘I do’ for the first time.
  • Celebrating a milestone anniversary by renewing their vows.
  • Wanting something small and personal, yet memorable.
  • Needing to escape the drama back home.
  • Getting married for the 2nd (or more) time.

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Most venues offer packages in a range of prices. They can be as basic as providing the officiate and witness, or include everything from flowers, music, seating, food, decorations, photography, and entertainment. Just as long as you show up with the $60 license (FYI, you both have to be present to obtain one but there is no waiting period, and they only take cash payments), have proof you are over the age of 18 (unless your parent is with you or you have a notarized document granting permission), aren’t already married, and aren’t wanting to marry your cousin, you can walk into the wedding chapel single and come out a few minutes later as husband and wife.

So where can you do the deed? Here are a few ideas:

Caesar’s Palace offers packages for weddings as small as 10 up to those that will seat close to 200 guests.

Mandalay Bay’s wedding chapel sits beside a huge pool, and has 12 different packages to accommodate 50 to 100 guests. Besides the traditional wedding, Mandalay Bay gives you the opportunity to exchange your vows at their shark reef or island cabana.

Want to think way outside the box? Maverick Helicopters will take the bride and groom and up to three guests for a ride overlooking the city where they can say ‘I do’. NOTE: There is a weight limit, so leave your chubby friends at home.

More unusual ideas to include as part of your Vegas wedding venue package are a gondola, Grecian garden, beautiful garden gazebos, and even atop a replica of the Eiffel Tower. But by far, the most unusual is a wedding on the Treasure Island pirate ship. Yep, it comes complete with pirates who swing down from the crow’s nest of the ship to deliver the rings! You’ve gotta’ admit that would make for some lively storytelling in a few years.

Last but not least, is the Graceland Wedding Chapel. For over 50 years, the GWC has provided happy wedding memories for countless couples wanting to make Elvis a part of their big day. Hey, how many of you can say Elvis walked you down the aisle and sang at your wedding?

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