Winter wedding venues should be intimate and romantic. Imagine relaxing by a roaring log fire with your friends and family as the snow is falling outside.

Winter weddings are becoming more popular for many reasons. A winter wedding venue is often cheaper than one during the popular summer months as demand is lower, the bride and groom can honeymoon in an exotic location for a reasonable price, and the happy couple and guests may find it easier to get time off work to celebrate the occasion. However, there are a few things to think about when choosing your venue that are specific to the winter months.

Venue for the ceremony

Make sure there is a supply of hot drinks available for yourselves and the guests as they hang around waiting for the ceremony to start. Churches can be chilly places in winter and anyone standing will likely welcome a hot chocolate or other warm drink.

Time of the wedding

Do not forget that the nights draw in earlier in the winter months, so make sure you plan for any outdoor wedding photographs to be taken before it gets dark.

Stunning but practical

A wedding venue that has snow covered grounds will surely make a stunning setting but just make sure that transport to and from the location is possible for guests. Also avoid venues with large picture windows as unless you are guaranteed snow fall in your area, you could end up with grey rain clouds to look out onto.

Photo by FleurP.

Stay warm

Your winter wedding venue should have more than adequate heating available. Somewhere with warm fireplaces and picturesque indoor backdrops for your photos is a perfect choice. Make sure there is enough space for all of your wedding party to be included in indoor photos should the weather turn against you. Grand staircases are particularly recommended by wedding photographers as adding interest to indoor photography.

As well as a warm location, you need warm clothes. If you have a strapless or short sleeved wedding dress, make sure you remember to use a shawl or something similar to keep you warm for the outdoor photographs. Be dramatic with something in a contrasting bright red, even if you take it off for the photos. Don’t forget the other members of the wedding party who are going to be standing around for photos too. Splash out on some stunning wraps for your bridesmaids and double them up as thank you gifts.

Large or small

Small, intimate venues are often preferable for winter weddings. Smaller places, such as inns or barns, are easier to heat and feel more cozy. If you have a large guest list, perhaps consider a larger location that is made of up smaller, joining rooms or somewhere with a heated and carpeted marquee. How about a castle with grand fireplaces in every room?


Decorating the venue can be easy for weddings planned for the run up to Christmas as seasonal decorations will be plentiful. Make sure there is a large spectacular Christmas tree for your guests to be wowed by. Beware though if you do not want a Christmassy look, you may struggle with getting your venue to dismantle their displays. Look at it as an extra cost you do not need to bear rather than an inconvenience. If you do want to add your own touches, consider ice sculptures for a really wintry feel.


Ensure your venue will be able to serve something other than Christmas dinners during the period of your wedding. But try and add a winter touch to the wedding breakfast by including typical food for this time of year such as pumpkin soup, glazed ham, and mulled wine and go overboard on the whiteness of the cake with snowflake patterns and silver decorations.

Photo by carabou.

With a little inspiration you can ensure your winter wedding venue will be a wondrous winter palace and getting married at this time of year may also save you a few dollars too!

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